Alternatives to pharmacological treatments

Nothing is sadder than seeing your playmate no longer being able to run, jump or move.
Older age, trauma, surgical operations or chronic and acute diseases may be some of the reasons why your pet suffers. What are the possible solutions to these problems?

When considering an elderly dog or cat, the complications of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cortisone or opioids are certainly to be considered.

Today there are many drugs available on the market but, if drug therapy is not possible or sufficient to cure pain and inflammation, there are other options.

Laser therapy [1] and ultrasound therapy [2] are among the most effective alternatives to relieve ailments such as arthritis, soft tissue injuries, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint diseases, bone fractures and neurological lesions.

Another non-pharmaceutical and highly effective treatment is the pulsed electromagnetic field (CEMP or Magnetotherapy).
Magnetotherapy uses pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate normal biological cellular reactions that result in better circulation [3]and provide relief from pain. Magnetotherapy has the unique ability to pass through fur, skin and bones. The depth of treatment makes it possible to penetrate through the whole body of the dog or cat lying on the mat, reaching deeply into the joints and muscles and stimulating circulation.
The 30 to 60 minutes treatment generally does not cause any pain and many times the animal relaxes on the mat.
Generally, the first results are visible already after two weeks[4] of treatment and often there is an immediate difference in the way your animal gets up, walks or runs.

Quality of life is the priority for every pet owner who takes care of an elderly or injured animal.

Managing the pain caused by the conditions mentioned above is crucial for the wellbeing of the pet and pain can be managed or even solved!

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