How many electrostimulation sessions can you take weekly?

It depends on the pathology. With regard to problems of hypotrophy / severe muscular atrophy, the treatments can also be performed daily. If the hypotrophy / muscular atrophy is moderate, the treatments can be performed every other day.

After how long can you see the first results?

Results obtained are subjective and vary greatly depending on the underlying pathology and on
the basis of the patient's clinical condition.

Does the presence of dermatological diseases prohibit the use of the electro-stimulator?

Yes, it is not recommended to treat the skin areas that present important dermatological diseases.

How long can a cycle of therapies with electrostimulation last?

The duration of therapy varies considerably depending on the patient's clinical condition.

When I increase the intensity to more than 10 mA the intensity immediately returns to 0, what happened?

As already described in the user manual, the device has a power supply control. If you increase the intensity value to more than 10 mA and the circuit is open, the device sets back the value equals to 0. It is therefore necessary, before starting any treatment, to make sure that the cables are connected, the electrodes are positioned on the area to be treated and that they are not too worn, as this would compromise their ability of conduction. Before detaching the electrodes from the skin, it is recommended to turn off the device.

Which electrodes should be used?

It is advisable to use conductive silicone electrodes. If treated properly, electrodes can be used many times. Indeed, the electrodes must always be replaced if they are damaged and do not remain perfectly attached to the skin.

Where should the electrodes be positioned?

The instructions for use show the images of the electrode positioning in all parts of the body (it is not necessary to respect the indicated polarity). You can however verify the correct positioning through this empirical method: identify the motor point by moving the electrode up until you find the point where the perception of contraction is maximal. You will notice an increase or decrease of stimulation based on the position of the electrode itself. Once identified the point where the stimulation is greater, decrease the intensity of the channel to 0 mA, replace the electrode and gradually increase the intensity.

How can I use the splitter cables and split cables?

The cables allow you to use more electrodes with the same channel. In this way you can work on more muscles through the same channel; you can then use both split cables and simultaneously perform the treatment for two limbs involving 4 muscles.

Does the use of splitters cables lead to a decrease in power?

The intensity of the current supplied for each individual channel does not change. However, when using the split cables on a channel, the current is distributed on a greater muscle mass so the contraction will be less marked. To obtain the same contraction it is necessary to increase the intensity.

Is it possible to cause damage using the electro-stimulator?

The important principle to follow is to gradually increase the intensity paying attention to the behavior of the muscle, while avoiding keeping the limb completely extended.

Is it possible to use the electro-stimulator on growing animals?

Yes, you can use electrostimulators on growing animals.

The battery indicator is empty. What to do?

Connect the device to the 220 V mains socket. This will allow the treatment to continue.


Can ultrasound create any damage?

Ultrasound therapy applications do not create any harm if used correctly. It is advised to consult the manual regarding the contraindications to the use of ultrasound therapy.

If I increase the pre-set power, do I get results in less time?

NO. The appliance is equipped with specific programs that already provide the optimal level of power to be used.

How should I use the handpiece?

The direct contact modality consists in the application of the emitting head in direct contact of the skin with the interposition of gel to favor: on one hand the transmission between the head and the skin and on the other hand the adherence, the sliding and the elimination of possible air interposed between skin and transducer that could obstruct the transmission of the ultrasonic wave due to its reflective capacity. The dynamic technique is the one most commonly used in ultrasound therapy and consists in slowly and gently moving the head on the treatment area, preferably with circular or spiral movements. The head must be kept perpendicular to the area to be treated and must not be inclined during treatment. Furthermore, contact with the underlying fabric must always be maintained to avoid overheating of the emitting surface.

Do I always have to apply the Globus gel on the handpiece and on the skin?

Yes, in sufficient quantity for the whole affected area, otherwise the ultrasounds are not transmitted and the head could get too hot and create discomfort on the skin.

How do I know if the handpiece works correctly?

The device has an alarm system. In case of malfunction, the error signal will be indicated on the display.

How to clean the handpiece after each application?

The cleaning of the handpiece must be scrupulously performed after each application. Residues of gels or creams can induce the proliferation of bacteria and molds, as well as limiting the correct functioning of the ultrasonic transducer incorporated in the head. For cleaning, follow the instructions in the “Maintenance” paragraph.

How many treatments per week can be performed?

On average, 2 to 3 treatments per week can be performed, depending on the current pathology and the patient’s clinical condition.

How long does a cycle of treatments last?

A cycle of treatments can include from 8 to 12 sessions, carried out 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the pathology in progress and on the patient’s clinical condition. As a consequence a therapeutic cycle can last 4-5 weeks.

Can I carry out treatments on pregnant animals?

No, ultrasound treatments are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Is it possible to perform ultrasound treatments on growing animals?

No, the use of ultrasound therapy is contraindicated during the growth period.


What is a pulsed magnetic field?

A pulsed magnetic field is that magnetic field that remains non-alternating, that is, does not reverse its polarity, but pulsates.

How should solenoids be applied?

The solenoid is applied to the area of the body where the pathology is present, and with reference to the type of treatment to be performed and the area of application, one or both of the solenoids can be applied.

Can magnetotherapy applications be dangerous?

For the moment there aren’t scientific studies which established that this type of application causes damage.

How many types of magnetic fields exist?

Magnetotherapy is divided into: magnetotherapy with constant magnetic fields and magnetotherapy with pulsed magnetic fields. Pulsed magnetic fields are divided into high-frequency magnetic fields and low-frequency magnetic fields.

Why magnetic fields are used for therapeutic purposes?

Indeed there are certain magnetic fields that are harmful to health. In these cases we talk about electromagnetosmog, which is produced by power lines, appliances in operation, computers, etc. It refers however of magnetic fields stationary. Instead the magnetic fields used for the well-being of the organism, are pulsed and with low intensity of field and low frequencies.

Is magnetotherapy also based on a thermal effect?

No. Magnetotherapy is a “cold” technique that does not cause heating of biological tissues.

Is magnetotherapy contraindicated in the presence of metal implants?

No. The intensity of magnetic fields applied in magnetotherapy is not such as to cause heating or displacement of any prosthesis built with ferromagnetic material. Such types of prostheses are however rare, as today they are more widespread prostheses in alloys not sensitive to the magnetic field.

Can I do applications on pregnant animals?

No, magnetotherapy applications during pregnancy are contraindicated.

If I increase the pre-set power, do I get results in less time?

No, the appliance is equipped with specific programs that already provide the optimal level of power to be used.

Can magnetotherapy cause any damage?

Magnetotherapy applications do not create any harm except in contraindicated cases.

The low battery indicator appears. What to do?

Connect the appliance to the 220V mains socket. This will allow you to continue,

Can I carry out magnetotherapy treatments every day?

Yes, magnetictherapy treatments can be performed every day.