The Municipality of Alessandria for Animal Welfare

Following the law issued in Umbria to protect the animals of the family in distress, the City of Alessandria will also help those who have difficulty to bear the costs of dealing with pets.
The Alexandrians in financial distress will not have to worry about the medical treatment of dogs and cats: the Municipality will take care of it.

Money will come from the town hall to help those who cannot take care of pets because they do not have the savings necessary to do so. Giovanni Barosini, councilor for the Animal Welfare of Alessandria, , has prepared a support plan in order to, “meet everyone”.

All families with an ISEE of € 8,107.50 can benefit from this opportunity (a figure that goes up to € 20,000 in the case of numerous families), by contacting the Animal Protection office.
“We wanted to give a concrete answer to families in distress – commented the commissioner of Welfare Animal, Giovanni Barosini -. The economic crisis affecting families ends up having an effect on our animal friends who unfortunately are abandoned or kept in conditions unsuitable for their well-being. Those who cannot afford to pay the fee for a private facility can contact our offices. Let’s start with the sterilizations and the preparatory examinations that can be totally or partially borne by the Municipality, according to the established situations: the Animal Protection Association will make available its own veterinarian to assist them”. After the checks, the municipal office will take over.

“The ATA, Animal Protection Association (Associazione Tutela Animali) – continued Barosini – will make available its veterinarian to assist them. We are also working on the creation of a free basic veterinary service clinic at the Dina Bellotti botanical garden”.

Furthermore, in order to prevent abandonment, a project carried out in collaboration with ATA is underway aimed at supporting the sterilization of dogs and cats owned by citizens residing in the Municipality of Alessandria.