The use of laser therapy

In the field of physical and rehabilitation therapy there are several techniques based on physical means or devices for musculoskeletal prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy can entail the use of different electro-medical tools, including TECAR, laser, ultrasound, magnetic fields, neuromuscular electrostimulation.

Differently from human patients, animal patients are not able to communicate verbally their perception of pain or the discomfort caused by the treatment being performed; they can only try to avoid the treatment itself, moving away from it or tensing up.

In veterinary medicine, it is fundamental to observe the behavior of the pet for the effectiveness of the physic rehabilitative therapy.

Among the available technologies, laser therapy is certainly one of the best tools to improve patient collaboration without causing discomfort and making the treatment extremely effective.

Laser therapy is neither invasive nor painful.

In the first sessions it is not necessary to put the handpiece on the pet: this allows to have a first therapeutic effect with the gradual increase of the faith the pet has in the therapist, using direct contact later on.

With particularly reluctant pets it is possible to start with the handpiece off, getting them used to the contact in a gradual manner.

In the latest sessions I’ve used LaserVet 1000, which enables two very practical modes: in the first case the laser can be turned on and off with a single click, in the second the laser is on only active when the finger is being pressed on the handpiece. This function is very useful: after starting the treatment, in case of sudden movement of the pet patient, it is possible to interrupt the laser emission immediately in a very fast and easy manner, just lifting the finger up from the handpiece.

Another advantage of LaserVet 1000 is its being extremely easy to handle and practical: if the pet patient is big, the therapist can stay on the floor next to it, without forcing specific positions, and following it in case of movement.

The presence of the owner of the pet patient is always precious: he/she can reassure it and cuddle it during the treatment, bringing the kennel or the favorite blanket to the therapist office.

Further strong points of LaserVet 1000: it is portable and light, it is not bound to the power supply cable and the battery assures many hours of therapy.

This allows to bring the laser at home, executing the therapy at the house of the patient, providing further advantages.