The Veterinary Electronic Prescription is mandatory by law

How the veterinary prescription changes

It replaces the paper form of the prescription on the whole national territory
It simplifies procedures and reduces administrative obligations

The law dated 20 November 2017, n. 167 (European Law 2017) Article 3, on “Traceability of veterinary medicines and medicated feeds for the achievement of the objectives stated in directives 2001/82 / EC and 90/167 / EEC”, provides the establishment and adoption of a computerized system for traceability of veterinary medicines and medicated feed, including the adoption of the electronic veterinary prescription, mandatory from September 1st, 2018.

The Directorate General of animal health and veterinary drugs, in collaboration with the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise, has developed the computerized system for the electronic veterinary prescription, already experimented in several Regions.
The system is part of the broader simplification and digitalization project of the Italian government, the 2015-2017 Simplification Agenda, which, for the topics related to veterinary health and food safety, provides for the introduction of innovative IT solutions to facilitate both the National Health Service and the citizens in the fulfillment of regulatory obligations through the so-called “dematerialization”.

The new computerized system does not introduce new obligations or additional rules with respect to current legislation.
Among the strengths, the full sharing of data with all actors in the supply chain of veterinary medicine (veterinary doctors, pharmacists, distributors, breeders), the simplification and reduction of procedures and obligations, the restraint of costs resulting from sanctions imposed for formal errors, the improvement of control activities and the re-elaboration of data useful for the antimicrobial-resistance contrast.


the protection of public health
the correct use of veterinary medicines
the real consumption of veterinary medicines
the fight against antimicrobial resistance
the traceability system of veterinary medicines
the obligations and costs
more efficient the activity of pharmacovigilance and health risk analysis
must be at the center of the management of the veterinary medicinal product


► Veterinary doctors
► Pharmacies and parapharmacies
► Wholesalers (authorized for direct sales)
► Feed Managers
► Regional Veterinary Service / ASL
► Owners and / or holders of food production animals
► Owners and / or pet owners

Operational site of electronic veterinary prescription; access based on your user profile with credentials
Informative website on the new electronic veterinary prescription

A study conducted by the Smart AgriFood Observatory, Digital Innovation School of Management Observatory – Milan Polytechnic, which analyzed the impact of electronic prescription on the Italian dairy system concludes that: “the electronic veterinary prescription, introduced by the European Law 2017 will not only bring benefits in terms of traceability, but also in terms of efficiency and economic savings”.