Therapies Muscle stretching with laser therapy

Loki is an eight-month French bouledogue adopted just one week ago by her new family.
Hi is a very active puppy: he jumps on the sofas, runs up the stairs and on slippery floors.

ISuddenly the owners noticed the lameness of the right rear limb.
Loki was painful due to palpation and the swelling of the thigh muscles was evident. The pain was distinct from the extension of the hip and the flexion of the knee with the hip in a neutral position. The joints did not appear to be painful, but a radiographic study was carried out to exclude more important joint injuries and growth phases (that are of fundamental importance for correct bone development in the puppy).

Effettuata una prima sospetta diagnosi di contusione del muscolo quadricipite/ stiramento del tendine patellare è stato scelto un primo approccio conservativo con riposo ed antiinfiammatorio.

Purtroppo Loki non ha risposto bene all’antiinfiammatorio che gli ha causato spiacevoli effetti collaterali intestinali e la terapia è stata immediatamente sospesa.

Per aiutare Loki senza l’ausilio di terapia farmacologica è stata scelta la terapia strumentale mediante Laser terapeutico a bassa energia. Il laser utilizzato era Globus LaserVet 1000 and was used in continuous mode (in the first session) with a dose of 2J / c 2 and in pulsed mode (second session) with an emission of about 4 / joules for cm2. about 5 cm x 5 cm and for the treatment they were enough for a few minutes.

Already after the first session the swelling had visibly reduced and Loki had no more pain at palpation.
A second session has been scheduled after 4 days and the owners have meanwhile kept it at rest avoiding stairs and jumps.
No further sessions were considered as the total remission of symptoms.