Practical insights into veterinary physiotherapy techniques with GlobusVet products

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Introduction to Tecartherapy
and Tecarvet 4000

Instrumental physical therapy using electrodes that produce energy directly in the region to be treated and where the therapeutic effect is needed. This therapy can be used in two different modes, capacitive and resistive.

Laser therapy: Instrumental methods in the veterinary field

Laser Therapy is an instrumental physical therapy that uses laser radiation to facilitate the healing processes of the body, it is painless and non-invasive and can be applied to skin wounds to accelerate healing. Laser Therapy can be used in the treatment of various skin and musculoskeletal diseases in which inflammation, edema and pain are present, affecting the dog, the cat and the horse.

Introduction to Electrostimulation
and StimVet 200 Pro

In this video we want to discuss veterinary electrostimulation. StimVet 200 PRO – An infinity of features In rehabilitation and veterinary physiotherapy, electrical stimulation is used for two main purposes: to reduce the perception of pain that accompanies inflammatory processes and to stimulate excitable tissues (muscles).

Introduction to

Ultrasound is used in rehabilitation and veterinary physiotherapy both for its deep thermal effects and for its athermic and anti-inflammatory effects, to promote the healing of damaged tissues of muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligament and bones.


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